1495. Practicing Self Defense Moves on You

10:50 video

I feel so strong and empowered after my self defense class. I am going to keep taking the class, but the teacher told me I should practice at home too. Could you help me? You’re the best! I don’t want to hurt you... but I might. I just have to know how to defend myself. Okay, a lot of the moves from the class were kicks....

No backing down now! The first one is ballbusting. I have to use both my right and left legs. I have to do it again! Don't cover it, open up. You said I could practice on you. How did that feel? Oh good!! I was worried I wasn't strong enough. It's so funny to see you react. My teacher said this would take down ANY man. He also taught us about punching a guy in the balls. I didn't really think I could do it, but watch. Oh no! Don't cry, I really appreciate you helping me. Come on, we just have a few more moves left! I can't stop laughing when you wince like that! If I grab, pulled and twisted, wouldn't you stop what you were doing? Yes, grab, pull and twist is supposed to be the most effective move. Let me try one more time! I never knew I had so much power over men.

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