1498. Quarantined and Immobilized Part 2

10:16 video

It's only 2, maybe 3 weeks since this quarantine started for many people. After my first video Quarantined and Immobilized, I can see you're taking my directions very seriously. I'm glad!! It's so good to see how much of a slob you've become and you've stopped wearing nice pants. You've let yourself go and are living in stretchy sweatpants with crumbs on the front of your shirt. This quarantine is the perfect time to overindulge in comfort food and junk food! I want to see how big you get. I bet by the time all of this is over, you'll be so fat that you're unrecognizable. You'll be a giant obese pig! Your gut expanding as you stretch it to the limit and letting yourself go... I want to see how far you'll take it... How big your moobs will get...

I want to push you to the limit, making you gain more and more weight as you let yourself go and become a fat obese slob. To be honest, I didn't know if you had it in you to get so fat! I'm so proud to see how you're inching yourself closer and closer to immobilization. I love watching you fatten yourself up like this, your pants getting too tight and shirts no longer fitting. I think it's time not to just buy more food, but also some bigger pants and shirts. Enjoy this time to truly let yourself go and fatten up!!


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