1555. Demon Eats You

My familiars have brought you to Me, tied up like a pig. Your wrists and ankles bound, and you're unable to escape. My familiars have done well. I've been craving a bite to eat, craving the taste of human flesh. Ever since I came to this world, humans have made it so easy for Me to feel satiated and have my hunger quenched. You're another treat for Me to enjoy. My hunger grows as I crave the taste of your mortal flesh and life-force that pulses through your veins. I can smell it pulsing as your heart pumps your life-force through your body and I cannot wait to taste it.

Before I can eat you, I want you to relax and remove all the fear from your body. I want your pleasure to increase, your cock to grow as you become aroused. The pleasure and sins of the flesh will help you relax and forget all of your fear. I release your hands and allow you to touch yourself, as I run my hands against your body. Your arousal makes you smell better, makes you taste better. My hunger grows as you edge closer to orgasm. You were brought here to serve a purpose, but with your cock in your hand and my breasts in your face, you forget about the threat of being devoured by a demon.


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