1628. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Transforms You into a Woman

12:44 video

Wakey-wakey!! Oh hi sweetie!! Bet ya didn't expect to see me here did you? Haha! You never did find a new hiding spot for the spare key, so getting in here was really easy. I see your new girlfriend has decorated your apartment for you. Not really my style, but I think it works for you. What am I doing here? Well, when you broke up with me, it wasn't very manly of you. Breaking up via text is kind of pussy move. Breaking up with me via text message was not manly at all. Your cock getting hard as I straddle you and grind against you is kind of manly though. As you yawn, I pop a magic pill right into your throat. Don't worry about that right now though...

I started to think about you, even if you aren't very manly. Let's just focus on you being hard, ok? mmmm doesn't it feel good to have me grinding against you? I bet I could make you cum in your pants... Do you really think you could hold back? I can feel how hard it is. Does your new girlfriend not make you cum often enough? That'll just make this much easier. Once you cum, the magic pill will take effect. Cum for me, cum for me sweetie. Yes that's right. Cum with me dry humping against you.

Now that you've cum, the pill will start to take effect! You'll start to feel your body changing... breasts growing, hands & feet shrinking, a waist developing, body hair falling off, your voice being higher pitched... Tell me how manly you are now. You lost your man card when you decided to break up with me via text, like some kind of pussy! And now... your cock and balls will shrivel up and turn into a pussy! No need to be manly anymore. You'll be a woman forever! Sorry sweetie, time for me to get going. I got what I came for: revenge.

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