1649. Quarantined with Step-Mommy and Eaten!!

11:11 video

I know we've been in quarantine for so long and it's driving me crazy! Step-Mommy has a secret to share... It's a secret I've never shared with you or even my own husband. I can't hide it anymore, though. I can't eat what normal people eat. No steaks or salads or regular food. There's a reason that Step-Mommy hasn't eaten a meal with the fam since this all started. It's not because we need to ration food or anything. It's because I have to eat a very specific diet. I only need to feed every several months, and the meal I had right before quarantine started has finally fully digested. I need to feed now.

And I'm going to feed on you. I'm going to swallow you whole and let you digest in my bloated belly. I'm hungry! I'm starving. It's been too long since I've fed. Normally, I wouldn't feed on someone in my own household, but I don't have any other options. It's time for you to get out of my hair and into my belly. You'll be slowly digested in my stomach over the course of several months. You digesting in my tummy is how I get my nutrients. Your sacrifice is going to keep me satiated for months to come.

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