1655. A Feminizing Kiss: From Boyfriend to Girlfriend

12:40 video

There's something I've wanted to do to you, with you, for a while now. I've been wanting a girlfriend instead of having a boyfriend... and I have another solution! Instead of putting in the work to find a girlfriend, I just turn you from my boyfriend into my girlfriend? You could wear cute dresses, have sexy long hair, wear makeup & high heels, maybe even some nice lingerie too. I know I'd just be happier with you as my girlfriend instead of my boyfriend. You don't seem very keen on the idea, but I've already started getting everything you'd need to be a woman instead! Don't worry sweetie, you don't have to have any surgery! I found a much easier way to make this change.

You see, all it takes is one little kiss. I got a magic lipstick, and all I have to do is kiss you and then you'll start to magically transform into a woman. I'm going to feminize you with one kiss! Go ahead and strip down naked because I don't even want to see you wearing boy clothes after I kiss you. I got you a whole sexy outfit to wear out on our date tonight. I pull you in close and give you several kisses, and suddenly your body starts to change!!

Your hair starts to grow longer, your breasts start to swell & grow, you start to develop hips, and even your hands & feet are shrinking!! Amazing! You really are turning into a woman. Are you ready to see what I have picked out for you for our date tonight? I know you're going to be a sexy woman in this outfit... and after our date, I have plans for you making you cum as a woman for the first time ever! And of course, I tell you about it in detail to make you excited, teasing you with all the plans I have to fuck you.

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