1665. Cuckolding you With My Trans Girlfriend

16:20 video

Custom video!

"I have found myself being very turned on by the idea of being a beta and servicing women orally. I love the idea of them having the power and me needing to satisfy them. I would like for the video to be a boyfriend cuckold video of sorts, except you are cuckolding me with your new girlfriend who has a cock. Unlike me she has a big thick white cock and I am now her boyfriend too. (Side note I would like the focus to be on how big she is as opposed to me being small if that makes sense).

For the first part of the video (Camera Angle 1) I want the focus to be on you telling me how to worship her thick white cock, all of her length and all of her girth. Show your tongue as you talk about licking her big full balls and all up and down the shaft. It takes a lot of work to suck a cock that big and I will be doing it. She loves blowjobs so some nights I'll just be sucking her off looking up at her as she moans and shoots her big thick loads into my mouth. Being her beta means that she gets to cum every night.

For the second half of the video (Camera Angle 2) I would like the focus being on how you love to cum and me eating your pussy. (If you could have one or both of your hands on your hips at times or point down towards your crotch that would be great): Speaking of cumming every night, none of these new duties take away from your existing ones. I told you my pussy is greedy. I LOVE to cum and I deserve to cum. Just look at this body. You'll fluff my pussy and make me cum for that big white cock while I think about it. Then you'll watch her fuck me. (Show me an unopened condom wrapper) You see this, she barely fits in here she's so big. But thanks to you, she won't need to. No you see when she's done fucking me you eat this pussy again and eat her load out of me. Doesn't this sound like heaven? Getting to please two woman every single night? I know I can't wait, hehe. Get in here bitch and eat my pussy :-P.

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