1675. Who Will Get Eaten? Vore Dice Game

7:35 video

Let's play a game!! I had an idea and you have to be really brave for this. It's you vs me in this dice game. This dice is going to decide which of us gets eaten. If I win, I get to eat you. If you win, you get to eat me. Your numbers are 1-3 and mine are 4-6. We'll do best 2 out of 3. Which of us is going to be the victim? There are no tricks to this game, no compromised dice. Just you and I against one another. My heart is racing as we play...

Unfortunately for me, I lost! I'm your victim. You'll get devour me. I wasn't expecting this, but a win is a win and I can't contest that. I strip out of my clothes and let you eat away at my plump, fatty body. First go my feet and legs, then my torso, finally my legs and head. I slide down your throat and into your belly as I struggle and beg for you to spare me! Will you swallow me whole or will you enjoy every bite of my BBW body?


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