1682. Hunter Tricked by Vampire

12:09 video

You're a hunter who has found my secret lair. You think you were the one to find me, but the truth is that I laid a perfect trail that I knew you would follow. I now stand before you in my shiny PVC vinyl bodysuit and floor length velvety cape, with seductive glossy red lips. You're here because I gave you a trail of breadcrumbs that brought you here to me. So many hunters before you, you think you've succeeded, but the truth is that you failed. You're because I want you here. I'm stronger than you, faster than you, and more powerful than you. You wouldn't even have the chance to end me.

You humans are so slow when following trails, it gave me ample time to pay visits to your betrothed, your family, and your friends. Your betrothed is quite special though, isn't she? She's here. Alive... sort of. I transformed her. I tell you in excruciating detail about how I've destroyed everyone you love and how I changed your betrothed into that what you hate most: a vampire, like me.

You've got a decision to make. Will you succumb to the darkness and join me as a vampire, or will I end your life here and now? Which will it be? Time to make a decision... tik tok tik tok....


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