1702. Magically Fattened by Goth Girl Coworker

15:26 video

You and your coworker have been flirting off and on for quite a while and you recently learned that he had never gotten high before. You invite him over and talk for a bit while you both smoke and chill. You play on your phone some and fiddle with something you have hidden beside you 3 times, making excuses when the guy asks about it and dodging questions and acting suspicious each time. Also make it obvious that something is hidden beside you.

After he’s really stoned, you ask if you can show him something and pull out a candle. It has some interesting (and mutter magical) properties and it is now bound to him. You set it on the table and light it, looking at him intensely, waiting for it to take effect. His stomach begins to gurgle and you explain that every drop of wax that melts adds a few pounds onto him. You comment on his gains as he very slowly gets larger and larger; light humiliation like calling him fatty or fatso, poking/feeling/jiggling his belly to feel the growth, compare your weight to his and how it won’t be long before you look thin.

His growth is getting faster and you’re getting turned on. You take your top off and straddle him. He is larger than you now and you show off your belly and joke that you’re almost kind of jealous. You’ve done this with every guy you’ve brought over but you’ve finally perfected the technique and his body has taken to it so well compared to the rest. Others might only get half as big as you once the candle had burned, but it has barely melted and you’re already the thin one. You explain that he’s not going home tonight, or ever for that matter, he is yours now. He best get comfortable because he’s not going to move for a while.

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