1746. Super Villain Turns You into Her Good Boy

17:21 video

"I'm a new superhero that has been captured by you a MILF Supervillain who always manages to evade capture. Video starts with me tied up on your bed, I try to escape but you tell me it's useless as the rope you used negates my superpowers. You tell me right now that I'm nothing more than just a powerless boy, and ask me do you know what I do to powerless boys like you? You apply your evil lipstick "I cover them in my delicious kisses and turn them into my good boys!" You grab my face and yell PUCKER UP! First you start kissing me slowly, I try to resist but then you start kissing me fast all over my face. In between kisses you keep telling me "don't fight it" "be my good boy" "just give in" "love me my good boy" After a while of kissing, you see that I'm getting into it and getting turned on. You giggle and tell me I'm becoming your good boy and I'll soon fall addicted to you. You apply more lipstick making your lips look even bigger! Now you start to kiss me even harder, and more passionate moaning a lot more mixing it up with fast kisses, long kisses, and hard kisses as you start to enjoy it too. You stop again telling me that when I cum I'll become your good boy permanently but I'll have to beg you for more LOVE and KISSES! You decide to smother me with your big tits. You rub them all over my face until I give in begging you. Yelling PUCKER UP MY GOOD BOY! You make out with me lots of moaning and smothering until I cum in my pants."

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