1774. Double Stuffed Vore

11:32 video

It's been so long since we've seen each other! As you can see, I'm a little bit bloated right now. Something happened yesterday that caused me to bloat up like this... your girlfriend came over yesterday and accused me of trying to date you and split the two of you up! I know you and I are friends, but that's all we've ever been! She kept pushing it though. She was so insecure about you and I being friends that she started a fight with me! So I did what I had to do... I ate her. She's slowly digesting in my belly.

Now that you know, you have two options: You can join her in my belly where the two of you will digest together or you can date me. Oh, you'd rather be with her. I see how it is. That means you're going to be eaten too! The two of you will digest together in my belly together. Two people in less than 24 hours will be the biggest stuffing I've ever had! The two of you will be together as you slowly digest in my huge, bloated belly.

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