2133. College Crush Got Fat

11:49 video

This belly fetish scene features BBW, college reunion, fat apron, and gaining weight (starring Sydney Screams). Sydney is so excited to see you again. She can't believe it has been ten years since you all attended college together. She is a bit embarrassed about how much weight she has gained since then. She has gotten a lot of hateful comments about her body size since becoming a BBW and is a bit insecure about it. Sydney knows you had a big crush on her back in the day, but her body has changed so much over the last decade.

You don't seem negatively phased by anything Sydney tells you about her gaining weight; you want to see more of her. She takes off her waist clinching belt at your request and immediately feels relieved. That is when you reveal to Sydney that you prefer fat women. You request to see her bare belly. Sydney is initially reluctant because guys don't usually seem to be into big bellies. You promise not to make fun of her, and she lifts her sundress.

You ask her to stand up, and even though she is shy, she obliges. The compliments you have showered her fat body with make her feel giddy. She stands up and jiggles her fat apron for you. Sydney rubs her tummy and is tickled by this opportunity to show off for you. Yall decide to go on a date later; maybe she will be your new BBW GF soon ;)

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