2149. Kissed By Poison Ivy - A cosplay lipstick fetish scene with POV kissing

11:36 video

This lipstick fetish scene features Poison Ivy cosplay, POV kissing, female domination, executrix, glossy lips, and mask fetish (starring Sydney Screams). Sydney/Poison Ivy knows how much you've been aching for her kisses. Her glossy red lips and green satin gloves mesmerize you. You want nothing more than to kiss her full lips. The feeling is mutual; she wants to kiss you, too. Sydney knows you have been keeping secrets from her, however. She must know everything if you want to feel her lips on yours!

Sydney gets excited when you share your darkest thoughts with her. What do you have planned to do? Tell her all your secrets, and you can have a little kiss from your red-headed goddess. Don't you want to feel her full lips? Sydney teases you by blowing kisses your way as she talks dirty. She gets a kick out of messing with your mind. She knows how desperate you are to feel her lips and loves using that to her advantage. Tell her what you have planned! Tell her one of your biggest secrets, and she will bless you with a smooch on the lips.

After telling Sydney one of your darkest desires, she gives you a peck on the lips. That's not enough to satisfy Sydney, however! She wants to know more. Sydney has cast a spell on you; how much will you reveal before she is finished with you? Blooper: you aren't going to make it out of this one alive.

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Categories: Lipstick Fetish, POV Kissing, Cosplay, FemDom POV, Made to Kiss, Sensual Domination, Red Lips, Mask Fetish, non-nude

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