2164. Fattened Into a Cuck by Hot Wife

11:19 video

This gaining weight scene features BHM, weight gain encouragement, WGE, cuckold POV, feederism, and sexual rejection (starring Sydney Screams). Sydney has big plans for you. As your wife, she has gotten a bit bored. She is sick of the same old routine, and she is going to make two changes. First, she's going turn you into a fat slob. Second, once you're so big that you can't even move, she is going to be living the ultimate hot wife life!

You will be too fat to fuck so she will fuck anyone else she pleases. Don't worry, she isn't going to leave you. Sydney loves you. She loves going on dates with you; she thinks you're a fantastic husband. However, sexually you are not giving Sydney what she needs. Sydney needs someone who can give her multiple orgasms. She needs multiple lovers. You are going to get cucked!

Sydney is going to be your hot wife that fucks others in front of you. You are going to be a fat slob who loves watching her get pounded from behind. Sydney knows that you have wanted this for a while and its finally time. You can sit back with some buttery popcorn and candy and enjoy the show of your wife getting fucked by somebody else. The fatter you get, the less valuable your dick will become. You are better with your mouth anyway. Indulge in all the fattiest foods until you are bedridden. No more portion control; your future is being Sydney’s obese cuck.

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