2165. Pussy Free Pledge for Ex-Girlfriend

20:22 video

This chastity scene features pussy free pledge, SPH, dick measuring, laughing, femdom POV, and female domination (starring Sydney Screams). Sydney is pleasantly surprised that you have managed to be locked up by her for six months. It's pathetic that you let your crazy ex-girlfriend lock you in chastity for half a year. Sydney verbally humiliates you as she waves the keys in your face. Today is your lucky day; she will unlock your cage to measure you.

It has been six months of her shrinking your dick in chastity, and she wants to see how small it is. She unlocks you; she can't believe you fit in her smallest chastity cage. Your dick has gotten so small since she became your key holder. After measuring, she discovers that you are a mere 2 inches. She was going to be nice and put you in a larger cage after measuring, but you will only fit in her tiniest cage! Your dick is so small now.

Sydney laughs at you and your pathetic little dick. You are going to take the pussy free pledge today. Little dick losers need to be pussy free. She makes you say your pussy free agreement under oath. You are a beta who is never going to feel pussy again. Fucking pussy is a privilege for real men. Under this agreement, you aren't even allowed to watch porn anymore. After signing your contract, Sydney returns you to your tiny silver cage. Locked like the little dick loser you are. She is going to turn you into a cock sucker!

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