2196. Step-Mommy Wants to Fatten Up Her Good Boy

10:14 video

You want to show Step-Mommy what a healthy, good boy you are, don't you? Of course you do! You want to make Step-Mommy happy so she tells you what a good boy you are. It's time to prove your love for Step-Mommy, starting by eating every bite of dinner and every bite of dessert. You're going to be a member of the "clean plate club" at every meal, including snacks between meals! Step-Mommy wants you to be a chunky good boy as you grow fatter and fatter. There are no skinny people in this household and that's going to include you too! You're going to eat every bite that Step-Mommy feeds you. Step-Mommy will cook you lots of fatty foods, made with lots of butter and lard and full fat cream. You're going to be a fat boy for Step-Mommy!!

Between each meal, you'll chug weight gain shakes and a side of chips or popcorn.... something with empty calories to really plump you up. Sodas too, and of course not the diet kind! Step-Mommy can't wait to watch her good boy pack on the pounds and fatten up!!

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