2202. Doctors Accidentally Shrink You ft Miss Jane Judge

10:47 video

This accidental shrinking fetish scene features giantess, medical fetish, foot fetish, tiny man POV, femdom POV, and shrunken man (starring Sydney Screams and Miss Jane Judge). You are at your doctor's appointment with Dr. Jane and Nurse Sydney. They are alarmed to see how much of a tiny man you are. They have never seen such a severe case of Shrinkitis before. You shrink even more as they look down on you and ask questions.

They have you strip out of your clothes. Sydney’s huge tits jiggle in your face as she uses her stethoscope. When she tries to check your heartbeat, you shrink even more. After a bit of observation, Jane forms a hypothesis. She believes your Shrinkitis must be caused by a sexual reaction. Each time one of these sexy medical advisors gets close to you, your size diminishes. As part of your treatment plan, the ladies will see what fetishes cause you to shrink more alarmingly. This will help you avoid these fetishes should you want not to be a shrunken man. Sydney's breasts are a trigger. Jane wants to know if her breasts trigger you, too. She unbuttons her blouse and puts her big tits in your face. You start to get smaller again; Sydney notates her observations on her clipboard. Through various tests, the ladies conclude that breasts, bellies, ass, and high heels make you exceptionally turned on. You become incredibly small when the ladies tease you with their shoes and bare soles. The sexual arousal from being up close and personal with the ladies' feet causes you to become a mere few inches. Jane and Sydney humiliate you for being so small. Maybe if they talk down to you, you will become turned off, causing you to grow. Their degrading words only make you shrink even more. In the name of science, they instruct you to jack off for them. At the conclusion of the experiment, they destroy you, their specimen. No one can find out about the sexual experiment that has occurred.

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Categories: Giantess, Shrinking Fetish, Female Domination, Medical Fetish, POV, Foot Fetish, High Heels, Wrinkled Soles, Bare Feet, BBW, Big Tits, Tiny Man POV, Horny Shrinking

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