2203. Shrunken to Live in my Asshole

10:15 video

This giantess scene features shrinking fetish, ass fetish, GTS, femdom POV, BBW ass spreading, and tiny man POV (starring Sydney Screams). Sydney has shrunken you down into a tiny man. You are about to have the greatest pleasure of your life. Now that you are a mere few inches tall, Sydney will make you her tiny little ass slave. Your new home is going to be inside of Sydney's BBW butt. You don't have a say in the matter, Sydney doesn't care about the smell in there. You are going to learn to love living inside of Sydney's asshole. You will learn to find pleasure in cleaning her ass and being her personal eater.

Sydney stands over you and puts her huge thong-clad ass in your face. You are to clean her hairy asshole, inside and out. Every day you will shine her butt crack with your spit. You are Sydney's personal toilet paper now. Sydney spreads her ass so you can embrace your new home. She shakes her giant butt in your face as she talks dirty to you. She doesn’t want to hear your complaints. Stop being a stubborn loser and do whatever you can to prove that you deserve another position. Until you can prove your worth to Sydney, you'll be stuck in her smelly asshole.

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Categories: Shrinking Fetish, Ass Fetish, Asshole Fetish, Big Butts, Toilet Fetish, GTS, Giantess, Female Domination, Big Ass, Ass Spreading, Hairy, Tiny Man POV

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