2243. Babysitter Wants You Fatter so She Can Vore You

11:16 video

Your folks have hired a babysitter, Sydney, for your sibling, thinking that you'd be going out and having a life instead of staying home. But when you meet her, she's so hot!! You decided to hang around and chat with her when she offers to order some deliver. After all, your folks have left her a lot of money for ordering food while they're gone. They left Sydney in charge, which means there will be a ton of junk food! While your sibling is in the other room, she tells you all about what she wants to do with you. First up is feeding you so you start to gain weight. Then maybe you two can have some fun together after your sibling goes to bed. If you put in a good word with your folks how good of a babysitter she is for your sibling, perhaps Sydney will make it as the regular babysitter to fatten you up over time.

Sydney is blunt in her goals for you though. It's not just fattening you up, it's also fattening you so she can eventually eat you! That's right, Sydney wants to vore you. What do you think? Will you be a willing victim?

Custom videos available! Email Sydney for info & rates: SydneyScreams4u@yahoo.com

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