2245. Bettie Brickhouse Beats Up Sydney Screams

12:55 video

This bearhug scene features muscular women, bikini, shiny fetish, wrestling, and strong women (starring Sydney Screams and Bettie Brickhouse). Sydney has been working out since she last met up with Bettie; she is ready for another lift & carry competition! This hot pair of BBWs is dressed in shiny bikinis, and they are eager to wrestle each other. Sydney shows off her arm muscles, but Bettie thinks Sydney will still have difficulty lifting her. Whoever can bear hug the highest will get to put their opponent in a wrestling hold. Bettie agrees to do “best two out of three” to give Sydney a fighting chance.

Sydney gives lifting Bettie her best shot but fails; Bettie is heavier than she looks. When it is Bettie's turn to lift Sydney, she does it easily. After being lifted off the ground, Sydney decides to try to lift Bettie again. Sydney is unsuccessful. Sydney is the loser in this female wrestling gig. Bettie puts Sydney in a power grip and refuses to let her move; she gets a rush out of overpowering Sydney. She dominates Sydney in various positions, including sitting on her face. Sydney's big tits pop out while overpowered, and Bettie loves to grope them. Sydney also gets her ass slapped playfully for losing in the wrestling match. Sydney better work out and prepare for their next session because Bettie plans to use her strap on if Sydney loses again.Custom videos available! Email Sydney for rates & info: SydneyScreams4u@yahoo.com

Categories: Lift & Carry, BBW, Muscular Women, Bearhugs, Female Wrestling, Muscle Domination, Scissorhold, Squash/Smother, Bikini, Strong Women

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